indoor pools

In the pool hall you will find stainless swimming pool with watersports and other water attractions, indoor slide, stainless relaxing pool with underwater desk, massage jets and stainless children’s pool with slide, water mushroom and hedgehog. Lighting with Swarovski crystal gives a special atmosphere. 



  • all indoor pools are from stainless steel with crystal clear heated water
  • large swimming with water shoot
  • relaxation pool with seating benches and massage jets
  • children's pool with a water mushroom and hedgehog
  • indoor stainless steel slide
  • water temperature 27-39 ° C
  • pools open all year round



  • sitting pool – variety of attractions right in the pool (under bench water, air bench, massage nozzles, spouts, bubblers). Reflector with Swarovski crystals adds a special atmosphere. Water temperature is 36 - 40 ° C.
  • large swimming pool - stainless steel slide, spouts, jets, around pools are seating stairs (with total length of 43 m, with elevation of 4.5 m)
  • children's pool – for children are prepared slide, water mushroom and water hedgehog