Welcome to the world of Wellness & Spa

Welcome to the world of Wellness & Spa, the world of divine comfort and relaxation. Enjoy the unique atmosphere of relaxation and wellness services. Magical world of scents, colors, life-giving waters and the pleasant tones of music is waiting for you ...


Sauna ceremonials in new sauna...

We offer you -  3 times per day every wednesday and saturday only in GINO Paradise Bešeňová  sauna ceremonials in new sauna...



Discover also

Golden Chair
Heated seat of 24-carat of gold. The only of its kind in Europe. Similar chair owned by the monarch Alexander the Great.

Kneipp's bath
Decided to enter the path of surprise? Walk on the small pools in which the gravel at the bottom are and where the alternating hot and cold water and bubbles. Pleasant surprise added dry fog and the possibility of the ice-cool grit. Bath congest your lower limbs, stimulating blood circulation and supports immunity of the organism.

Hydro-massage pool
Enjoyment of small bubbles in the ring hydro-pool with a diameter of 4.5 m, which view each piece of your body. Stellar sky and the enjoyment of micromassage helps to improve blood circulation and total body muscle relaxation.

Pleasantly tired and hot body you have a moment to rest and ride beneficial effects of weather-beaten body. This option will give you a 9 heated longes.

Cooling pool
Changing residence in the sauna with cooling the body in the pool with ice water. Very active in the blood and helps the to harden body.

Bešeňová rocks
Nothing is better than swollen feet massage with water jets. Specific atmosphere adds cold vapor.

Your hot skin invigorate the effect of cold and warm water. This cooling procedure helps more harden and better blood circulation body.

Hydromassage shower
Water temperature and pressure power massage jets pleasantly invigorate the body and relieving stress. It is suitable for physical and mental burden.

Hydromassage foot
Massage special focus on the legs, to eliminate the feeling of heavy legs and swollen. Ideal for relaxation after a hard hiking or long winter skiing.

Spring water
Regular drinking regime ensured pure water.

Close your eyes and relax...

Herbal inhalation

Pleasant scent of medicinal herbs effects for all your senses and bodies. Pleasant aroma and heat release your body and soul.

Salt inhalation

Salt has beneficial effects on the skin, it provides a natural smooth blood circulation. Salt inhalation is suitable for allergy and respiratory.

Menthol inhalation

The strength of menthol together with steam clears the airways and release the skin pores. Comfortable seating, moisture and heat, it is another relax for your body and soul.

The Roman bath

Treat yourself to a divine feeling in steam and hot environment. Find the harmony of the body like a lotus of ancient Roman times.

Dry Finnish sauna

Classic dry sauna, the perfect warmth and cleansing the body. The combination of a dry sauna with a cold bath gives your body energy and eliminates any stress.


Rules for sauna visiting

To full enjoy the relaxation in the Wellness & Spa, we would ask you to respect the following rules:

  • Wellness is a place of rest, relax and getting new energy and power, so please respect quiet, privacy and intimate atmosphere.
  • Wellness & Spa is naturist area. Wearing a swimsuit in the sauna is not recommended. Use sheet, you will receive it by the entry.
  • Before taking a sauna we recommend showering and wipe dry.
  • We don´t recommend going to the Wellness & Spa too saturated or fasting. Complete the water regularly during the procedures. It is prohibited to drink alcohol before taking a sauna.
  • Maximum stay in a Wellness & Spa is for 3 hours.
  • Entrance to the Wellness & Spa is allowed for persons over 12 years.