Take your time to recharge your energy in the Relax centre, that offers a variety of massages (classic, relaxing, luxurious ...). Additional services are manicure, pedicure and solarium. 


Traditional massage with the therapeutic effect

  • improves blood circulation in muscles, which helps relieve stiff and painful muscles
  • whole body, back, feets, hands, neck, foot reflexology massage, cupping

Relaxation massage with 100% herbal oil

  • Eucalyptus essential oil improves circulation and is suitable for a refreshing massage
  • Lavender oil is an excellent treatment for sensitive skin for inflammation
  • rosemary essential oil relieves muscle cramping, and is suitable for anti-fatigue
  • sage essential oil contribute to an overall improvement of mental status
  • whole body and back

Hot massage

  • heating massages, perfect and complete relaxation of body and soul
  • lava stone and honig

Luxury massage

  • amper your body luxurious massage, which starts with peeling of the body, then massage anf finish with warm wrap
  • chocolate, vanilla, yogurt or mud
  • whole body and back

Face and head massage

  • help against migraines and have anti-wrinkle effects
  • Indian head massage and “only face”

Cleansing wellness treatments

  • procedure performed in the vital world. Using a special soap and massage gloves the skin get rid of dead cells and obtain healthier appearance
  • Turkish and Turksih with peeling

Wraps and facing

  • effects of heat and helpful substances for perfect relaxation of body and mind
  • chocolate and mud wrap
  • peat, herbal and waxy facing

Anti-cellulite massage

  • massage is very effective in the fight against cellulite, improves skin quality
  • hand foot massage, lymphatic drainage machine

Wellness manicure and pedicure - NEW!

  • manicure (scrub, wrap, modification and polishing of nails, nail cuticle treatment, relaxing hand massage)
  • pedicure (scrub, wrap, softening of hardened parts of skin, cleaning with pumice stone, massage)


  • manicure basic
  • manicure extended
  • pedicure basic
  • pedicure extended
  • painting of nails 1 color
  • solarium


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