Utilization Conditions

The owner has a return that depends on the actual occupancy of the hotel and the given apartment included in the relevant pool. If you call us, we will be happy to explain it to you. The owner lets the operator of the hotel AKVAMARIN – GINO Paradise Bešeňová **** lease his apartment.

The owner will paid 65% of revenue (from which the owner will pay the costs associated with the operation) and 35% will go to the mining company, from which other costs are paid.

BENEFITS: Owner's stay for 30 days during the calendar year during the duration of the rental agreement. The owner will have a discount 10% for entry to the GINO Paradise Tbilisi water park and for accommodation in hotels GINO Wellness Rabath (GE), Hotel GINO Wellness Mtskheta (GE) a GINO Park Palace ****(SK).

The reservation fee is not paid. We are the developer of the project and we try to provide you with all the necessary information before signing the purchase contract. We will be happy to go through the possibilities of discounts with you, we will set the installments so that they suit you as much as possible, we will explain all the conditions of the contract and future operation even before you decide to invest in our project.

The condition for inclusion in the program with a floating income is payment for the equipment and furnishings of the apartment, the price of which is €9 including VAT.