The Bešeňová resort is one of the best known and best operated aquaparks in Slovakia.
The first geothermal drilling was implemented in 1987 with a water temperature of 60.5°C. It forms the basis of the current Thermal Park Bešeňová. In 2003, Dr. Nodari Giorgadze became its owner, and expanded it, built hotels with the original names LUKA and DIAMANT, built stainless pools, a year-round section with artificial waves and a children area. Under the name GINO Paradise, he built it up to its present form. Today, Thermal Park Bešeňová is operated by TATRY MOUNTAIN RESORTS, a.s. company.

The same Dr. Nodari Giorgadze also stands behind the GINO Paradise Bešeňová ****. exclusive apartment complex project.



The resort is used by tourists all year round, it has a strong summer and winter seasons. There are 9 year-round pools, of which 4 thermal, in the water park. The thermal springs in Bešeňová, due to the temperature, the yield of the source and mineraliation content, belong to the first category according to the categorization of mineral springs in Slovakia (similarly to Piešťany, Rajecké Teplice, Bojnice, Trenčianske Teplice). The mineral water contains calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium, iron, manganese and other minerals. These minerals have beneficial effects on the movement and respiratory system. The surroundings of each mineral spring is characterized by its own red-brown coloration.

The resort has 5 pools with clear water. You can find here the unique Harmony sauna world with expanded capacity and a sauna dome with a cooling cave. The resort offers about 50 steam, water, massage saunas and treatments. Novelties include sauna rituals, which include, for example, rejuvenating peelings, aromatherapy, music therapy or chromotherapy. Visitors can enjoy drinks or pancakes in the Atrium relaxation zone. You can also find here gift shops, restaurants, Cosmopolitan water bar, where visitors can enjoy drinks directly in the hot thermal pools.


Activities and opportunities around Bešeňová

The village of Bešeňová is part of Liptov, which is a wide-known region in Slovakia. It is a sought-after tourist site in winter and summer. Thanks to its diverse nature, it offers activities for both normal and exacting holidaymakers. The uniqueness of Liptov is also a combination of active relaxation (skiing, snowboarding, climbing, rafting, cable and bobsleigh tracks, canoeing, hiking) and relaxation in the thermal springs of the aquapark – Thermal park Bešeňová and Aquapark Tatralandia. They offer plenty of toboggans and attractions for children and excellent relaxation for adults in the form of vital and wellness worlds overlooking the Tatras, which can be admired directly from the pools.

Lyžovačka Bešeňová


One of the largest and most popular winter sports centers is located 33 km from Bešeňová (15 km from Liptovský Mikuláš) in the upper part of the Demänovská Valley – Jasná and Chopok. Approximately 12 km from Bešeňová (near Ružomberok) there is another popular ski resort – Malinô Brdo.


Liptov is surrounded on the north by the High Tatras, the Western Tatras and the Choc Mountains, the Low Tatras in the south and the Great Fatra in the east. Prosiecka and Kvačianskadolina north of the water reservoir of Liptovská Mara belong among the most beautiful Slovak valleys. From the village Lúčky a marked tourist route leads to the Chočské vrchy, from which you can go to Velký Choč. From the village of Kalameny you can take a hike to Liptovský Hrad, which belonged among the highest situated castles in central Europe (it iis on the hill Sestrč – 1000m, today there are remain only the ruins of the castle). Demanovska dolina, rich in karst phenomena, is one of the most famous centers of tourism and winter sports in Slovakia. Underground karst phenomena are represented a by the well-known Demänovské caves.