Where exactly will the apartment resort GINO Paradise Bešeňová ****be located?
The construction of the apartment complex runs directly in the center of the Bešeňová water park and will become its integral part as the largest and most prestigious accommodation facility.
When did the construction of the project begin and when will it be completed?
The construction began in December 2018 with the preparation of the construction and drilling pilots for the construction, and will be completed by October 2020
How will I be able to use my future apartment?
It only depends on your decision. There are 3 ways of usage:
1. The owner has a guaranteed yield of 7% per year plus 30 days of vacation
2. The owner has a yield that depends on actual occupancy
3. The owner of the apartment uses the apartment by himself and uses it without restriction

You can find more information here.

Which apartments are currently available for sale? Where can I find prices and projects showing the exact location of an apartment in the building?
If you are interested in obtaining the current offer of apartments determined for sale, their prices, layout and location in the building, please click on our apartments price list.
How will the furnishing of the apartment and other fittings take place?
The apartment is standardly supplied with a kitchen unit with built-in appliances. If the future owner is interested in a guaranteed return, it is necessary to purchase a predefined furniture package that will meet the hotel **** accommodation requirements. This furniture will be supplied by the future resort operator.
When can I use my 30-days free stay in the apartment?
During the off-season, which is defined as the period during the whole calendar year except for the dates: from 01.06. to 30.09. inclusive, from 24.12. to 06.01. inclusive, the Easter period from Thursday to Monday, inclusive, the spring holiday period declared in Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Poland, the dates of state and church holidays declared in Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Poland.
Is the rental income which I will get fixed? For how long is this rental income guaranteed?
The rental income of 7% of the apartment’s purchase price per year is fixed for 10 years. After 3 years, both contractual parties have the option of terminating the lease without giving any reason. If they do not do so, the contract will continue for further 7 years with the option of terminating the lease agreement at the end of each year. The owner has 4 year-round non-transfer tickets for free access to the Bešeňová water park.
Why is the period of lease agreement defined so that after three years it is possible to terminate the lease every year?
Experience with the operation of other private apartments in the Bešeňová Water Park has shown that it is too inflexible for their owners to be bound to fixed lease terms for a period of more than three years. It may be the case that, over time, they will opt for a different model of operation than the contract on guaranteed return – for example, it will be more profitable for them to have a return that depends on the actual cost of the apartment or they will want to fully occupy their apartment and enjoy it in their own operation. An overlong, untenable time of rent of the apartment could also be disadvantageous if the owner wants to sell his apartment to a new owner after some time, since he too would also be bound by such a long lease commitment and could not freely decide how to use his property.
How can I arrange an inspection of the construction and the thermal areal in Bešeňová?
Please contact us via our contact form..
Will you cooperate with the operator of Aquapark Bešeňová through the Tatry Mountain Resorts, a.s. company?
Yes, an agreement on business cooperation hs been concluded. The owners and visitors of GINO Paradise Bešeňová Apartments **** will have guaranteed direct „dry foot“ entry to all parts of the Bešeňová water park on special terms.
What is the payment schedule for the purchase price of the apartment during the construction of the project?
The standard repayment schedule is as follows:

  1. First installment – Reservation fee of EUR 5,000, obligation to conclude a Contract on a Future Purchase Contract within 14 days
  2. Second installment – 30% of the purchase price (after deduction of the already paid reservation fee of EUR 5,000) within 14 days after the conclusion of a Contract on a Future Purchase Contract
  3. Third installment – 30% of the purchase price within 14 days of the completion of the construction of the base of the building
  4. Fourth installment – 35% of the purchase price within 14 days of the completion of the construction of of the rough structure of the building
  5. Payment installment – 5% of the purchase price within 14 days of building approval

(It is possible to negotiate with the developer on individual repayment calendar terms)

How often will fixed rental income be paid?
The fixed rental income will be paid monthly on the 15th calendar day.
Must I pay any fees in connection with my investment in buying an apartment?
If you opt for a guaranteed investment program of 7% a year, you pay only real estate tax.
For how long is the lease agreement concluded?
For 10 years. After three years, the contractual parties have the opportunity to terminate the lease after each completed year.
How high is the reservation fee for the reservation of an apartment?
You can reserve a particular apartment after paying a 5,000 Euro reservation fee. Consequently, it is necessary to conclude a Contract on a Future Purchase Contract within 14 days.
Can I sell my apartment or rent it out in future?
You can sell your apartment at any time without any restrictions. If you have a guaranteed return contract concluded, you can terminate this after three years of its duration.
Can the tax office refund VAT on the paid purchase price on the apartment?
If you are registered as a VAT payer, you are entitled to a VAT refund from the apartment’s purchase price.
Can you send me all the contracts for the purpose of their control?
Of course, please contact us via the contact form.
Will the owner of the apartment be required to pay the fees to the manager, energy charges and contribute to the repair fund?
If you choose a guaranteed return program, you do not pay any fees to the manager, in the other two cases you are required to pay the reception costs, energy charges and the costs for the operation of the thermal pool of approximately € 150/month.
How much will the apartment equipment cost, if I would like to rent it to the resort operator?
Precise equipment will be specified by the resort operator 9 months before the resort starts up. It will be selected by the resort’s architect to meet all the qualitative and aesthetic requirements for category ****. The estimated price is up to € 8,000 without VAT per one-bedroom apartment.
Who will pay the property tax and how much is the estimated amount of this tax per year?
The property owner is legally obliged to pay the property tax. At present, the tax rate for similar real estate is set by the municipality of Bešeňová at the rate of EUR 4/m2 per year.
Is the real estate insured and who pays such insurance?
The entire apartment complex will be insured by the property manager. The premium will be part of the monthly advance payment. When selecting a guaranteed program, the operator charges all operating costs to the resort operator.
Who will bear the costs of maintaining the property and equipment – paintings, repairs, etc.?
In the case you decide to rent your apartment to the resort operator, all the costs of maintaining the property during the term of the lease will be covered by this company.
What are the costs for the owner of the apartment?
If you rent your apartment to the resort operator within the guaranteed return program, your only cost will be the property tax. In other cases, you are required to pay the facility manager all operating costs (energy, reception, cost of operation of the thermal pool).